Warapalana Ancient Pond

Warapalana Pokuna is a pond located in Warapalana village. It is said to have been built during or before the construction of nearby Tempita Viharaya.
Warapalana Pond
Warapalana Bathing Pond

Warapalana Raja Pihilla, also known as Warapalana Nana Pokuna (Sinhala: වරපලාන රජ පිහිල්ල, වරපලාන නාන පොකුණ) is an old pond located in Warapalana village in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka. The site can be reached by travelling along the Yakkala - Radawana road (B479) about a 6.7 km distance from the Yakkala junction. The ancient Warapalana Tempita Viharaya is located 250 m south of this pond.


This pond is said to have been built at the same time or before the construction of the nearby Tempita Viharaya which was established in the latter part of the 18th century (Ratnayaka, 2022). In the past, the waters of the pond may have been used for bathing purposes by Buddhist monks or elites in the region (Ratnayaka, 2022).

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The Pond

The pond is rectangular in shape and its wesern edge is margined by a modern concrete road leading to the temple. The other edges are built with granite boulders. A small stone-cut canal is found on the south edge of the pond to bring the waters out (Ratnayaka, 2022).

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1) Ratnayaka, U. H. S., 2022. Gampaha urumaya narambamu (In Sinhala). Central Cultural Fund. ISBN: 978-955-613-313-4. p.46.

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