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Silacetiya (Kujjhatissa)

Silacetiya (Kujjhatissa)
Silacetiya (also known as Kujjhatissa Stupa) is a Stupa situated in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

The history of Silacetiya is linked to the early Anuradhapura period (Anuradhapura period: 377 B.C. to 1017 A.D.). It is said that this Stupa had been built during the reign of King Saddhatissa (137-119 B.C.). However, the current structure has the architectural features belonging to the latter part of the Anuradhapura Period.

The Stupa has been identified by Skinner as Silacetiya in his maps drawn in the 19th century.

Chronicle Mahawamsa and Manorathapurani have referred to this structure as Silacetiya. According to the account given in Manorathapurani, during the reign of King Saddhatissa, the remains of an Arahant named Kujjhatissa had levitated and traveled to the place where the Silacetiya stands today and had exhibited miracles. 

1) The information board at the site by the Director General of Archaeology.

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