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St. Joseph's Church, Negombo

St. Joseph's Church , Thillanduwa  (also called as Malwatta Palliya ) is a Catholic church located in close proximity to Negombo town, Gampaha District, Sri Lanka. History The origin of St. Joseph's Church, Negombo can be dated to…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

St. Anthony's Shrine (Kochchikade)

St. Anthony's Shrine at Kochchikade, also known as Kochchikade Palliya (Sinhala: කොච්චිකඩේ පල්ලිය), is a popular Catholic church in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. Many people, both Christian and non-Christian, visit this shrine, particularly a…

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Arpakkam Inscription of the Fifth Year of Rajadhiraja II

A Tamil inscription belonging to the fifth regal year of the Chola ruler Rajadhiraja II (c. 1166-1178 A.D.) has been found in the Tiruvalisvaram temple at Arpakkam, a village situated in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu State, India (A.R.E., 188…

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Sri Muthumariamman Temple (Matale)

Sri Muthumariamman Temple or Sri Muthumariamman Kovil (Sinhala: මුතුමාරිඅම්මාන් කෝවිල, මාතලේ; Tamil: முத்து மாரியம்மன் கோவில்) is a popular Hindu shrine located in the middle of Matale town, Sri Lanka.  The temple is famous among both Hin…

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Gongawela Jummah Mosque, Matale

Gongawela Jummah Mosque (Sinhala: ගොන්ගාවෙල ජුම්මා මුස්ලිම් පල්ලිය, මාතලේ) is a Muslim religious place located in Matale town, Sri Lanka. It is said to be the oldest mosque in Matale town (Abeyawardana, 2004). History The first mosque …

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Mahabodhivamsa (lit: History of the Great Bodhi Tree ) is the earliest extant literary work on the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi Tree  in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka (Jayawardhana, 1990).  Sri Maha Bodhi Tree As described in several ancient chronicles such a…

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