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Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall

The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall , also known as BMICH (Sinhala: බණ්ඩාරනායක ජාත්‍යාන්තර සම්මන්ත්‍රණ ශාලාව, Tamil: பண்டாரநாயக்க சர்வதேச மாநாட்டு மண்டபம்) is a convention centre located in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Give…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Tomb of Adam, Talaimannar

An Islamic place of worship called by the locals as Tomb of Adam (or Adam's Grave ) is located in Urumalai village in Talaimannar in Mannar District, Sri Lanka. Folklore Depending on traditional beliefs, the site is venerated by the…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Sri Jinendrarama Tempita Viharaya (Warapalana)

Sri Jinendrarama Tempita Viharaya or Sri Jinendraramaya (Sinhala: වරපලාන ශ්‍රී ජිනේන්ද්‍රාරාම ටැම්පිට විහාරය), is a Buddhist temple situated in the village of Warapalana in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka. The site can be reached by travelling alon…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Kengalla Ambalama

The Kengalla Ambalama (Sinhala: කෙන්ගල්ල අම්බලම) is an old wayside rest in the village of Kengalla in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. It is located on the roadside of the Kandy - Mahiyangana highway (A 26) about 14 km distant from Kandy town. Hist…

H.A.K.L. Manjula
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