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Kirindi Oya

Kirindi Oya
Kirindi Oya (Sinhala: කිරිඳි ඔය) is a river in southeast Sri Lanka. It is 118 km long (Abeysingha et al., 2017).
The ancient name used in Pali chronicles such as Mahavamsa to identify the Kirindi Oya river was Karinda-nadi (Nicholas, 1963). The Mayilagastota Pillar Inscription of King Kassapa V (914-923 A.D.) referred to this river as Kirind-ho (Ranawella, 2001). 

River basin
The Kirindi Oya river basin extends into an area of about 1,203 km2 (Abeysingha et al., 2017). The basin is considered closing because, during parts of the year, there are only very limited outflows to the Indian Ocean (Abeysingha et al., 2017; Molden et al., 2001). Downstream reservoirs of the basin utilize the waters of Kirindi Oya for irrigation and other uses (Abeysingha et al., 2017; Molden et al., 2001).

Reservoirs & anicuts in the Kirindi Oya river basin
#) Debara Wewa                               #) Ellagala Anicut                               #) Pannagamuwa Wewa
#) Tissa Wewa                                  #) Weerawila Wewa                           #) Yodha Wewa


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Location Map
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