Polonnaruwa Siva Devale A

Polonnaruwa Siva Devale A
Siva Devale A (Sinhala: ශිව දේවාලය A) is a small ruined Hindu temple situated between the Stupas of Menik Vehera and Rankoth Vehera in the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Presently, only the bare outlines of the ground plan of this Siva temple remain.

Polonnaruwa Siva Devale A
The construction date or the builder of this shrine is not known. It may have been constructed during the Cola Period of Sri Lanka (1017-1070 A.D.) or in the 13th century. A. Veluppillai mentions a short Tamil inscription that was discovered from the Siva temple located between the North Gate of the city and Rankoth Vehera and that could be the present shrine known as Siva Devale A (Veluppillai, 1972). He dated it to the 11th century and thought that it has been brought to the Siva temple at later times (Veluppillai, 1972). It mentions about a Buddhist temple (Veluppillai, 1972).
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1) Veluppillai, A., 1972. Ceylon Tamil Inscriptions: Part II. Published by the author. pp.9-12.

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