Polonnaruwa Siva Devale No. 7

Polonnaruwa Siva Devale No. 7
Siva Devale No. 7 (Sinhala: ශිව දේවාලය අංක 7) is a small ruined Hindu temple situated near the northern gate of the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Two other shrines dedicated to God Ganapathi (Kali Devale) and God Visnu (Visnu Devale No. 2) are found in the vicinity of this shrine.

The construction date or the builder of this shrine is not known. However, as the Lingam of this shrine is supported by a stone bearing an inscription of King Nissankamalla (1187-1196 A.D.), it is believed to be a monument erected during the early 13th century (Pathmanathan, 1999).
The temple
Presently, only the bare outlines of the ground plan of this Siva temple have been exposed through the excavations (Pathmanathan, 1999). It once had a long Mandapam (20 ft. 4 in.) with a narrow enclosed verandah in front, a vestibule of the same width and a stone paved square sanctum of 8 ft. 6 in (Pathmanathan, 1999).
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1) Pathmanathan, S., 1999. Temples of Siva in Sri Lanka. Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka. ISBN: 955-8320-00-5. pp.77,118.

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