Great Western Mountain Range (Sri Lanka)

Great Western Mountain
Great Western Mountain (Sinhala: ග්‍රේට් වෙස්ටර්න් කන්ද), is the seventh tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Situated in Nuwara Eliya District, the mountain rises to an altitude of 2,216 meters (7,270 ft.) above mean sea level (Vithanage, 1988). The region is known as a catchment area of ​​the Upper Kothmale Reservoir.

The mountain is popular among tourists as a place for adventurous hiking and camping. The trail which begins about 1 km away from the Great Western Railway Station is considered difficult due to steep inclines and unpaved slippery paths. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach the summit of the mountain where several viewpoint sites are marked. The picturesque views of Sri Pada, Saptha Kanya, Kirigalpotta, Totapolakanda, Horton Plains, Radella and Uda Radella can be obtained from the summit of the mountain. 

1) Vithanage, P.W., 1988. Relief and Drainage. The National Atlas of Sri Lanka. Survey Department of Sri Lanka. ISBN: 9559059009. pp.22-23. 

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