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Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque (Colombo Red Mosque)

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque , popularly known as Rathu Palliya , lit:  Red Mosque or Red Musjid (Sinhala: කොලඹ කොටුව රතු පල්ලිය, Tamil: கொழும்பு புறக்கோட்டை சம்மாங்கோடு பள்ளிவாசல்) is a mosque located at No. 228, Bankshall Street in Pettah in Colombo, …

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Sri Dharmendrarama Viharaya (Mayadunna)

Sri Dharmendrarama Viharaya , also known as  Mayadunna Viharaya (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ධර්මේන්ද්‍රාරාම රජ මහා විහාරය, මායාදුන්න විහාරය), Sri Dharmendrarama Purana Raja Maha Viharaya is a Buddhist temple situated in Ampara District Sri Lanka. The temple…

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Gal Potha Stone Inscription

Gal Potha (lit: Stone book; Sinhala: ගල්පොත සෙල්ලිපිය) Gal Pota is a giant stone slab inscription in the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa , Sri Lanka. It has been established between the eastern outer wall of the Hetadage and Satmahal Prasada .  …

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Maha Oya Hot Springs

Maha Oya Thermal Springs , also called Maha Oya hot water springs or  thermal cluster (Sinhala: මහ ඔය උණුදිය ලිං), are in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. The site is located about 2.5 km east of Maha Oya town. Hot water springs Commonly, the…

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Pujãvaliya (Sinhala: පූජාවලිය) is a Sinhalese classic written in the 13th century. It was compiled by Buddhaputra Sthavira (commonly known as Mayurapãda Thera) of Mayurapãda Pirivena (probably Mayurawathi Viharaya ) after accepting the invitation …

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