Kallebokka Upper Division View Point

Kallebokka Upper Division View Point
Kallebokka 360 Upper Division View Point (Sinhala: කැළෑබොක්ක නැරඹුම් ස්ථානය) is a high observation point [(1,425 m (4675.19 ft. amsl)] and a camping site located at the Kallebokka Plantation Estate in Matale District, Sri Lanka.

The viewpoint is located just below the highest mountain peak in the area which rises to a height of 1,460 m (4790.02 ft.) above mean sea level. A Hindu shrine has been constructed at the centre of the flat summit and a few huts have been erected beside it for tourists to enjoy the site. Tourists have to pay a fee before entering the site and permission is required for overnight camping. The viewpoint offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside the Knuckles Mountain Range, Central Highlands and Sembuwatta Lake.

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