Single Tree Hill | Tenth Tallest Mountain in Sri Lanka

Single Tree Hill
Single Tree Hill, also known as One Tree Hill (Sinhala: සිංගල් ට්‍රී හිල්), is the tenth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Situated in Nuwara Eliya District, the mountain rises to an altitude of 2,100 meters (6,889.76 ft.) above mean sea level (Vithanage, 1988).

The mountain gets its name from the single tree at its summit. During the time of the British, this site was used as a viewing point to watch the nearby army camp store arms and ammunition.

The mountain is popular among travellers as a great place for hiking. The summit provides travellers picturesque views of the surrounding landscape including Nuwara Eliya town and some of the tallest mountains in the country. On a clear summer day, visitors can catch the views of Lovers LeapPidurutalagalaHakgala, the northern valley and the southern valley of Sri Pada, Seven Virgin Hills, Conical Hill and Uda-Radella mountains. The mountain's reflection in Gregory Lake can be witnessed in the early morning. 

1) Vithanage, P.W., 1988. Relief and Drainage. The National Atlas of Sri Lanka. Survey Department of Sri Lanka. ISBN: 9559059009. pp.22-23. 

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This page was last updated on 15 August 2023

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